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You can reach the staff behind the phone lines any time – they are available 24/7. You can reach us and order a service during weekends and bank holidays.
Our working hours can fit anyone’s needs. The cleaners’ schedule starts in the early morning and ends in the evening. Also, they are available on weekends and bank holidays.
Method of payments are cash or card payment, you can make the cash payment to the cleaners on the cleaning day, or you can call us to pay over the phone as well as bank transfer to our bank account.
We can guarantee is its regarding the cleaning service, so if the landlord or estate agent is not happy with the cleaning service we can go back to do further cleaning with no extra cost, but we cannot guarantee deposit back if you have damaged something or if its unrelated to the cleaning.
We don’t require a deposit to book our cleaning service, however you can put a deposit towards the booking if you like, or you can book the service in advance with full payment paid.
If you cancel the booking giving us 24-hour notice, then there is no cancellation fee. However, if you cancel the job within 24 hours then there is 30% cancelation fee.
Yes, they do. In a case of an accident or some kind of damage done to your property, we will cover the full price, as a compensation.
We are quite flexible when it comes to booking and short notice, giving us enough notice is always good, however we can still do short notice and same day cleaning and we do prefer few days’ notice.
If you or the check-out report comes back that you’re not happy with the service and there are areas need further cleaning, we will come back to the property free of charge as long as its within 72 hours after the cleaning was done.
ou don’t need to be present during the cleaning process, we just need access to the property and someone to come back and check the property before we leave. However, if you prefer to stay in the property while we clean it then your more than welcome to do that.
You can contact us at any time. On the other hand, the earliest your lease cleaning can start is 7:00 am. The latest would be around 5:00 pm.
The tenancy clean team will bring everything necessary for the completion of the service prior to you moving out/in
Additional charges may occur if there is no parking space available near your place. Please note that congestion zones are always taken into consideration when making the booking. Also, depending on the availability, surcharges may apply on weekend and bank holiday appointments.
Cleaning the exterior of your windows and professional carpet cleaning are not part of the service, but you can get a big discount when you book two services at once. Also, wall cleaning is provided only on request and for an additional charge. Please note that we don’t take any responsibility for causing damage on the walls. For possible service combinations, please take a look at our tenancy cleaning page.
To ensure the best possible results for your move out, please make sure to defrost the fridge/freezer about 24 hours before the service begins. If the fridge/freezer is still frozen when the tenancy cleaners arrive, they might not be able to properly clean it.
With a standard end of tenancy cleaning where kitchen is included, oven cleaning is also provided, so yes, we do perform a deep clean in the oven.
The service is priced per job, meaning that the move out cleaners will stay on-site until the rental clean is fully done. Hours are not what defines how much end of tenancy cleaning costs.
It’s not necessary but it might be appropriate if your housing has a lot of furnishing. In order to guarantee your deposit refund, the tenancy cleaners will have to vacuum or mop beneath sofas, cupboards, and etc.
Yes, but this is not included in the cleaning service. If you want to include exterior window cleaning, it will be charged as a separate service but not without a preferential discount for booking combined services when moving out/in.
We recommend for after builders cleaning to be carried about 24 hours after the builders are done with their projects. On the other hand, we will be happy to come and clean certain areas of the place or even a whole level of the property while the builders are still working. However, keep in mind that we can’t ensure the best possible results as there will be more construction/renovation work taking place after the cleaning.
As part of the After Builders cleaning service the appliances are cleaned on the outside only. If they are brand new and unused the team could wipe them over on the inside as well.
The following areas are cleaned as part of the service:
Deep hoovering and mopping of all floors in order to remove paint spots and plaster;
Internal cleaning of windows, sills, and frames;
Deep cleaning of skirting boards, doors, door frames, fixtures, switches and sockets;
Deep cleaning of the entire home, including fixtures like shelves and cupboards (they have to be emptied out in advance);
De-liming and de-scaling of kitchen and bathroom tiles;
All surfaces and woodwork are thoroughly cleaned and polished;
Deep cleaning of toilets, sinks, bathtubs, showers and other bathroom fixtures;
Deep cleaning of all floors and stairs;
External cleaning of kitchen appliances;
For professional cleaning of carpets, sofa and upholstery cleaning you can book combined cleaning services for preferential rates.
Domestic cleaning is a service suitable for light or spring cleaning. On the other hand, as After Builders cleaning suggests, this service is carried out after property refurbishment, construction work, and so on. The cleaners specialise in dealing with construction/renovation debris and have the necessary equipment and detergents to deal with the situation. However, the team will need access to hot water and electricity to carry out the service to professional standard.